Photo Editing Tutorials for PaintShop Pro

Whether you are new to photo editing or new to PaintShop Pro, you will quickly master important corrections and enhancements that you will use again and again with these informative photo editing tutorials. Get started fast and learn how to use brushes to touch up images. Is there a distracting object in your photo? Find out how you can virtually erase it with the help of content aware photo editing. Or change the background of your photo for dramatic impact. For quick touch ups or in-depth editing, these photo editing tutorials will help you finish faster and create unforgettable photos.

photo editing tutorial

Editing Photos with PaintShop Pro – Getting Started Video

If you are new to photo editing with PaintShop Pro or new to the latest version this video tutorial is a great introduction to editing with PaintShop Pro.

photo editing basics

Photo Editing Basics: Photo Touch Ups Using Brushes

With 30% faster and more responsive brushes you can quickly touch up your photos. In this video you will learn how to use the Burn, Burn and Sharpen brushes to touch up your photos to make subtle or dramatic adjustments.

editing basics

Editing Basics: Remove Unwanted Objects From Photos

Removing unwanted objects is now faster than ever in PaintShop Pro X7. In an instant, the content aware fill samples the area around the selection and presumes continuity over top of it seamlessly.

remove photo background

How to Change a Photo Background

Changing the background of a photo is an easy way to make a dramatic effect. Learn how to change, modify or swap out the background of a photo using PaintShop Pro.