Red Eye Remover

One of the most common problems seen in flash photography is red eye. Fortunately, PaintShop Pro can help you fix this problem in one click.

Removing Red Eye

How to Get Rid of Red Eye in your Photos

  • Step 1 Choose the Red Eye tool
  • Step 2 Adjust the Size of Red-Eye control, so the size of the pointer is about twice the size of the area you want to fix
  • Step 3 Position the pointer over the eye and click
  • Step 4 You’re done! Save your image before closing

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PaintShop Pro’s powerful photo editing tools make red eye removal a breeze.
With our one-click red eye remover, even beginners look like master photographers.

PaintShop Pro does more than just red eye removal

Check out some of the other photo editing features in PaintShop Pro, like resize images, text, blur images, photo crop and more! Create fun and cool photo effects while maintaining a professional workflow to make your photos stand out more than ever.

Resize Images Resize Images
Blur Images Blur Images
Photo Crop Photo Crop
Camera RAW Camera RAW

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Red eye is a thing of the past. We promise you’ll love the one-click features in PaintShop Pro. Click below to download your free 30-day trial and fix your red eye problems for free before you buy!