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Best Sellers Script Bundle!

Let your creativity run wild with the Best Sellers Script Bundle
from the Discovery Center.

With 14 scripts to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Lighting and Color Scripts

A must-have for anyone who wants to transform their photos into stand out originals, the High Key & Low Key Script Bundle offers four fantastic scripts suitable for images of every kind. Turn your portraits, landscapes, and even candid photos into High Key or Low Key images effortlessly in a few simple steps.

Detail Enhancement Scripts

Turn any photo into a striking image using this collection of detail-enhancing scripts for PaintShop Pro. Ideal for buildings, structures and city scenes, this bundle contains four levels of detail enhancement scripts so you can achieve the effect you want.

Super Selfie Script

Do you love taking selfies but wish there was an easy way to get share-worthy results each time? Now you can! Our new Super Selfie Script for PaintShop Pro will take your self-portrait from average to outstanding in one simple step. It automatically adjusts the contrast of the photo to make the colors more vivid. It also gives you a mini-makeover by applying the skin-smoothing effect and brightening your skin tone. It’s the easiest way to transform your selfie into something you can’t wait to share!

Falling Snow Script

Adding a snowy effect is a great way to add a winter wonderland touch to your photos without having to brave the chilly weather! Introducing the Falling Snow script for PaintShop Pro. You do not need to know the advanced features or settings of the program to add a gentle dusting of snowflakes to any photo – this script will do it for you with just one click!

Rainy Day Script

Adding an artistic yet realistic rain effect is a great way to inject mood and atmosphere into your photographs without getting your camera wet. That’s why we are offering the Rainy Day Script for Paintshop Pro! You do not need to know the advanced features or settings of the program to create a convincing weather effect, as the lightweight script will does everything for you in an instant!

Warm Summer Glow Script

Imagine this: you finally get time off for a vacation and can’t wait to capture some lovely portraits of family and friends on the trip. Everyone smiles beautifully, the camera is perfectly positioned, everything is impeccable. Except the dreary weather!

That’s why we are offering the Warm Summer Glow Script for PaintShop Pro. Don’t let dreary skies ruin your special moments.This script gives you the power to transform your photos from sad to happy, from dull to lively. You don’t even have to spend hours working with the advanced features in PaintShop Pro. It’s simple, with just one click you can infuse your photos with a warm summer glow, making your photos as perfect as your vacation.

Post Apocalyptic Fresco Script

Turn your picture into a fresco painting in an instant with the Post-Apocalyptic Fresco Script for PaintShop Pro. This script produces a mottled, parchment, or “post-apocalyptic” look by automatically adjusting the vibrancy and tone-mapping of your image.

Nature photos and images, such as flowers, trees, and animals, are particularly well suited to this script. The possibilities for transforming your photos are endless. Discover the artistic potential that lives in your photos and give the Post-Apocalyptic Fresco Script a go.

Dragan Effect Script

The Dragan Effect is one of the most popular image-editing effects right now. Created by Polish photographer Andrzej Dragan, this effect uses dramatic lighting and editing techniques that enhance the tonality and skin texture of the image’s subject.

Giving your portraits a dramatic makeover has now been made easy with the Dragan Effect script for PaintShop Pro! With just one click of a button you can simulate the amazing Dragan Effect on your photos* - a surefire way to wow your family and friends.

*For best effect, choose a well-lit portrait with the eyes fully visible.