CGM File: The Ultimate Guide to CGM Files

CGM stands for Computer Graphics Metafile, which is an image format created in 1986. They are a type of text and binary file that contains a textual translation of the graphic information. The file format is used to store vector graphics and text.

The World Wide Web Consortium, a group focused on developing standards for the internet age, has developed WebCGM. This is a specification that defines how CGM files should be formatted when transmitted over the web.

Despite being a more established file format with some utility in technical illustration, CGM has largely been replaced by SVG and DXF in the professional design space.

What is a CGM file format?

The CGM file format is used to store vector graphics and text and is most often used for the computer-aided design, draft, and print industry. CGM is a standard for exchanging graphics data that's independent of any particular application, system, or platform. It provides the means to represent 2D graphical information in computer-based formats easily transmittable across different devices like cell phones and tablets without losing quality.

Are CGM files dangerous?

As with any file you open on your computer, it is important to keep in mind that sophisticated malware designers are always looking for ways to exploit security loopholes to access your personal information. CGM files, like other graphics formats such as BMP and JPG, can be dangerous if you download the file from an unverified location or open it after saving it by mistake. These files can allow a system to retrieve sensitive data which might lead to malware infection and loss of privacy.

If you often download media from unverified sources, you should always use a malware and virus scanner to scan the files before opening them. In this way, you can help avoid trouble and ensure your files are safe.

How to open a CGM file

In order to open a CGM File, you will need a software application that supports the format. PaintShop Pro supports CGM files. Once you have opened the file, you will be able to view the vector graphics and text that is stored in the file. You can also edit and convert the file if necessary.

If you're searching for an easier and more affordable solution to opening and editing CGM files, PaintShop Pro is a good option. This software is not as expensive as many other programs and you can get started modifying CGM files immediately. Additionally, you no longer need to worry about costly subscription-based services as PaintShop Pro provides the flexibility and functionality you need at an irresistible price.

How to convert a CGM file

There are a few ways that you can convert a CGM file. However, the easiest and most secure way is to forego online editors (which could possibly implant malware into the conversion file) and use a program like PaintShop Pro. Once you have opened the file, go to File > Export. From there, select the type of file you would like to export.


In this article, we have looked at what a CGM file is and the various ways in which you can open a CGM file. As with any file you might want to use or edit, it is important that you know what the file contains and ensure the file is from a trusted source before opening it so as not to compromise your computer's security.

With PaintShop Pro, you'll never need to search for ways to convert CGM files again! You can use our program to open and edit your CGM files quickly and easily without losing quality. It also comes with many other features for photo editing, drawing, and resizing images, among other things. Start your FREE trial today!

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