IMG File: The Ultimate Guide to IMG Files

When it comes to downloading sizeable or numerous images or software from the internet, it's common practice to find them in an archived form. It means all pictures or content of any type is downloaded while ensuring these files haven't been tampered with.

IMG files are an example of archived file formats. Before you can go about using them to store or retrieve information useful in your work, how about getting to know what they are first?

What is an IMG file?

An IMG file is one with an .img file extension. They are typically bitmap files containing image data. This image within the IMG file can either be a graphic bitmap or a disc image.

As the IMG file contains the disc image, it can be used to play media from a physical disc on your laptop or PC without the need for the physical copy – similar to how an ISO file works. It is thus utilized in the storage and backup of programs, such as operating systems, games, apps, and movies, among others.

It is worth noting that IMG files made by different programs for disk imaging may use formats that vary. For instance, IMG files made by SlySoft Clone CD have to be paired with an associated .SUB and .CCD file before one can attempt to create a disc. Before creating a new disc with an IMG file, find out which program made the IMG file and confirm if your disc-authoring software can burn files in that format.

Are IMG files dangerous?

When compared to other types of attachments such as Microsoft Office documents, ZIP/RAR files, or PDFs, IMG files aren't used a lot. Microsoft's advanced machine learning threat detection models have of late detected multiple malspam (malicious spam) campaigns that have been dispensing infected disk image files.

In the recent past, these files have been using COVID-19 lures, in the form of email subject lines, to manipulate users to download and run these IMG file attachments. These cybercriminals use two attachments as a fail-safe in some situations – usually the IMG and a DOC file.

There was a Remcos remote access Trojan (RAT) going after small businesses for disaster loans. Companies received emails apparently sent from the SBA (US Small Business Administration) with a harmful IMG attachment. It contained an executable file with an untrustworthy PDF icon. Once run, the executable file uploads the Remcos Trojan into the system.

Another malicious IMG file was the Agent Tesla Trojan. Its specialty was stealing users' credentials. So, how do you keep your IT infrastructure free of contamination in light of all this cyber insecurity?

  • Don't open suspicious email messages from unknown addresses
  • If your job actually involves conversing with strangers via email, always check the name of the attachment and the sender's address details
  • Unless you need to, don't run macros from emails
  • Be cautious when opening links sent within files. Ignore those you don't think you need to follow. However, if you have to, manually copy them into your browser for a safe search
  • Have a trusted security solution installed on your PC or laptop that'll let you know once dangerous files have been received

How to open an IMG file

IMG files can be opened by the PaintShop Pro app or other applications like GIMP or WinZip. We love the PaintShop Pro software because you can directly edit and work on your image files after opening them. It's a great tool for producers, graphic designers, and other creatives. Opening IMG files using the PaintShop Pro app is a simple as:

  1. Download the IMG file you need and save it on your computer. If you've downloaded your IMG file online, check the Downloads folder in your user directory or Documents section.
  2. Launch PaintShop Pro and click on the File button on the main tab and choose Open
  3. Go to the directory where you have your IMG saved
  4. Select the file(s)
  5. Do your edits and then save the final result

If you need to access a recently viewed file go to File > Recent Files. After this, pick the file using its filename.


Get PaintShop Pro today to open your IMG files. We know that you'll encounter different file types in your picture editing career. Here are some of the formats you'll be able to work with using our software:

  • wmf
  • webp
  • tga
  • emf
  • ai
  • tif
  • bmp
  • gif
  • jpg
  • ps
  • jpeg
  • ufo
  • pdf
  • eps
  • svg
  • png
  • psd

The secret to creating an image that's spectacular even by today's high standards is by having the right technology on your side. PaintShop Pro's highly effective tools and features are powered by machine learning tech and artificial intelligence to create something truly show-stopping.

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