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What is a JPG File?

JPG is a widely used compressed image format for containing digital images. It is the most common image format used in digital cameras, different operating systems and on the Internet. A compression ratio of 10:1 can be applied in JPG images without losing significant details. That results in smaller file size which allows sharing and storing of images easier. The degree of compression in JPG file is adjustable. That means the image data can be saved with Minimum to maximum compression as per users taste. JPG images are great for photographs and realistic paintings. Also, With PaintShop Pro JPG images have great potential for editing purposes.

How to open JPG files with PaintShop Pro
  1. Launch PaintShop Pro
  2. Choose File > Open
  3. Find the JPG file you wish to open
  4. Select the File(s)
  5. Edit & Save Your File!
Open JPG files in Windows
Compatible with:
Windows 10
Windows 9
Windows 8
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