IFF File: The Ultimate Guide to IFF Files

As humans, we depend on different file formats to store and transfer our files. With many file formats available, all with their advantages and disadvantages, it is critical to know which one you are dealing with exactly. This will help you keep your files safe and use them when you want to conveniently.

IFF files are one of the most popular file formats used today. They have been used by programmers and users for a considerable amount of time. Here, we provide you with information about what they are, how to open them, and whether or not they are dangerous to use.

What is an IFF file?

An IFF file is a universal file format created by Electronic Arts and can support audio data, texts, or images. The main focus of an IFF file is to transfer different types of data from different platforms and applications. Many programs today can support IFF files. In some cases, IFF files can be used as the basis for several other formats, such as AIFF.

Also known as EA IFF 1985, the IFF file format was designed in 1985 and continues to be used. Most of the IFF files are used by games like The Sims, which can be edited using suitable editing tools such as the Corel PaintShop Pro.

"Chunks" are the data sections that make up IFF files and are defined by four-letter IDs. Three types of chunks are available: FORM, CAT, and LIST, with all containing text, raw, or numerical data. Usually, IFF files do not have any standard extensions because many systems that generate them do not require any extensions.

Are IFF files dangerous?

No, IFF files are not entirely dangerous. However, they have some errors that their programmers might have overlooked, which is normal for any software. For instance, some IFF file types have problems with padding out odd-sized chunks with an extra byte. Occasionally, you can come across some specifications for a new IFF file type that allows very big chunks.

How to open an IFF file

The easiest way to open and edit an IFF file is through a reliable and efficient third-party tool like the PaintShop Pro. This editing software has plenty of dedicated features that can help you access your IFF files conveniently. Some of the common features include:

  • Basic and advanced photo and image editing
  • Layer-based graphic tools
  • Multi-workspace design accessible to both beginners and experts

This tool also allows you to import and export IFF files conveniently. All you have to do is download it and take advantage of its 30-day free trial feature to get you started.


Electronic Arts created the IFF file format in 1985 to make the life of both programmers and users easier. It supports texts, images, and audio data, which can easily be interchanged between different platforms and applications.

With many users expressing their concerns about the safety of using the IFF file format, it is right to say that it is not entirely dangerous for users. However, like most applications and software created around that time, IFF has its programming mishaps.

You need reliable and easy-to-use third-party editing software such as PaintShop Pro to help you out to open the file. With this software, you can open any IFF file, edit it, or convert it to other formats that you like.

The beauty of using PaintShop Pro is it's ideal for both novices and experts—you do not have to worry about its ease of use. With the software's 30-day free trial period, you have enough time to try it out and check out some of its cool features, including the ability to open, edit, and convert IFF files.

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