JP2 File: The Ultimate Guide to JP2 Files

Image files come in different formats, and as a photo editor, you have regularly come across JP2 files. To open and manipulate this image format as per your needs, you require a suitable image viewer and editor software. Typically, you wouldn't want to receive errors when opening the many image file formats available.

Have you received or want to edit a JP2 file, but you're unsure how to go about it? Let's look at what a JP2 file is and how to open/edit it.

What is a JP2 file?

JP2 files, normally with the .jp2 extension, store bitmap images. You can also use them to store biometrics, cinema and internet graphics, medical pictures, or digitized scans. You can only create this file format using a standard JPEG 2000 core coding application, which uses a discrete wavelength transform as its compression algorithm.

This technique allows these files to support lossy and lossless image compression. JP2 files mainly contain graphics but may also have the image metadata, bit depth, and resolution.

Are JP2 files dangerous?

JP2 files are not dangerous. But you should always be keen when receiving these files via email because people with malicious intent may attach harmful files along with them. JP2 files are better than JPG files in that you'll have a smaller file size but with better quality. It also allows data interlacing, which increases the image quality when compressed.

Another thing to note is that JP2 files might fail to open if:

  • The file is corrupt.
  • Broken links to the JP2 file in the Windows Registry.
  • Malware infection on the JP2 files.
  • Your computer lacks hardware resources to open JP2 files.
  • Outdated or corrupt drivers.

How to open a JP2 file

Files with the JP2 extension are supported by different operating systems including, Windows, macOS, and iOS, on both desktop and mobile devices. However, without the right software, you cannot open these files. When you try clicking on the file, you'll receive an error like, 'Windows cannot open this file' or an equivalent error message depending on your operating system.

Opening a JP2 file using PaintShop Pro

You can download and use PaintShop Pro to open JP2 files. Available to Windows and macOS users, PaintShop Pro supports extensive file formats, including JP2 formats. You can try the free trial version of the software for 30 days before purchasing the full license to access more exclusive photo editing features.

After successfully installing PaintShop Pro, here is how you can open your JP2 file:

  1. Right-click on the file.
  2. Choose 'Open with.'
  3. Choose the PaintShop Pro software to open your JP2 file.
  4. You can set PaintShop Pro as the default app for opening JP2 files so that next time, you only double-click on the file, and it opens automatically with it.

Your image file will successfully open in the PaintShop Pro application, where you can manipulate and edit using the extensive features available at your disposal. By using our software, some of the notable capabilities you can take advantage of are:

  • Hundreds of creative filters and effects to give your photos a personal touch
  • Editing and enhancing your images with our comprehensive tools
  • Create stunning photos with our integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Although most image files come in JPEG formats, JP2 file formats have proved more advantageous, and with PaintShop Pro, you can take your photo editing expedition to another level.


It can be frustrating to discover that you lack the right software that supports a particular image extension. That is why you should opt for a single application that supports the many image formats and has extensive features for your photo editing needs. Therefore, before buying photo editing software, you ought to check the supported file formats to avoid future inconveniences.

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