MAC File: The Ultimate Guide to MAC Files

Are you using a Mac computer from Apple? If yes, how do you store your files — especially photos? As a photo editing professional, how do you save and retrieve your files?

PaintShop Pro has a guide for you to learn about MAC files. We are experts in photo editing. So with us, you are in the right place. This article should tell you all you need to know about MAC files.

What is a MAC file?

A MAC file is a bitmap graphic file that contains a macro created by different programs. Such programs are Minitab, UltraEdit, and Cabrilog Cabri Geometry II.

The file has commands used to perform functions in their respective applications. You can open MAC files using programs that created them.

Are MAC files dangerous?

Yes, MAC files can be dangerous. Why? MAC files can get infected with malware. Although Macs are less vulnerable, they can get hacked or get viruses.

When you get your MacBook, ensure to use anti-malware protection. With anti-malware, you can browse with no worry.

How to open a MAC file

Are you new to Mac? Then we will guide you on how to open a file on Mac. You can open your MAC file by using either of the following methods. There are more than ten ways you can open your file.

Below are some of the ways. Try them, and you will realize how easy it is.

  1. Drag and drop to open files

    Yes, you can open a file by dragging and dropping it into an app icon. The app icons include the Dock or a Finder window. The icon will highlight if it can open the file. After dropping the file, the app will display the file.

  2. Double-click to open files

    Are you not sure how you can open your MAC file? Then double click the file on the Mac or Windows. The file will open with the application assigned to work with such files.

    What if you receive a file via email? It is also easy to open email attachments. Double-click it the way you would do to a file in the Finder.

  3. Open any file from an open dialog

    Did you know you can open any files from an app's open dialog? Try using the open and save dialog. Press the Command-O in your app. Then navigate to the file and select the file. Click Enter or Return. Again, you can view a file in an open dialog. Choose your file and press the spacebar to view the file on Quick Look.

  4. Reopen a file from the recent open menu

    You can reopen a file from the recently opened menu. Follow this process to open your file:

    1. Choose file
    2. Choose “open recent”
    3. Select the file.

    Keep in mind that this menu holds a limited number of files. You can change the number of files in the menu. First, select system preferences, then choose general. You will have a range of numbers from none to 50.

  5. Use Spotlight to open files

    Are you wondering how Spotlight can open your photos? It is possible. Search for files by their name or keyword using Spotlight. Then, open them from the results. Use the arrow key to select a file and click Return. You can double-click it as well to open.


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