ORF File: The Ultimate Guide to ORF Files

As a photographer, you may always have been attracted to the aesthetic of black and white photos. But when you began editing your work, it became clear that converting to black and white wasn't enough; something could be missing. You've probably started researching the ideal ways to edit your images, among them using an ORF file. This guide will define an ORF file, explain its safety, and how to open it using PaintShop Pro software. Keep reading to learn more!

What is an ORF file?

ORF refers to Olympus Raw Image file format. A file of this type is created using Olympus digital cameras. It contains unprocessed data from the image sensor, providing a higher quality and more flexibility in post-processing than JPEGs.

Raw files are different from JPEGs in that they are not compressed. They contain the entire data recorded by the camera's image sensor, which explains why these files have a larger capacity than JPEGs.

Are ORF files dangerous?

No, ORF files are not dangerous. This is due to the following reasons:

ORF files are not executable

These files cannot be run as programs on your computer. This means they cannot spread viruses as some executable files can. ORF files on Wndows 10 cannot also open automatically upon plugging in your camera, which is a security feature of Windows. However, you can open them using PaintShop Pro software.

They aren't valuable for hackers

Even if they were executable, these types of files would be unhelpful to hackers. They do not store information that can warrant access to your computer. Instead, the file contains information that can only be used by you, the user.

They are raw files that cannot be edited directly

The purpose of the ORF files is to provide you with a larger editing space when processing your images on your computer. Therefore, you cannot edit an ORF file directly— it can only be edited on your camera if you are not using a tripod or a compatible external editor.

ORF files cannot be compressed like JPEGs

The data in a JPEG file is lossy. This means it gets compressed when transferring it to your computer. RAW files, ORF files included, are not compressible, meaning they will maintain their size, regardless of the number of times downloaded to your computer.

ORF files are not spyware

Even if you were to download a program that opens ORF files, it would not track your activities on the Internet or record anything you type. This is because the data in a RAW file cannot be accessed by any programs but those explicitly written to open them.

How to open an ORF file

PaintShop Pro software is the perfect tool for opening ORF files (and other formats). It's fast, easy to use, and comes loaded with free tutorials which can be downloaded from our website. Below are the appropriate steps for opening your ORF file.

  1. Have the latest version of PaintShop Pro installed on your computer
  2. Once you have installed PaintShop Pro, launch the program
  3. On the top menu, select File, Open and navigate to the folder that contains your ORF file on your computer
  4. Open the software and click on File, then Open
  5. Navigate to the folder that contains your ORF file on your computer, select it and click on Open
  6. Double-click on the filename to open it in PaintShop Pro
  7. The image will open in the editing window, where you can begin to work on it


Handling ORF files should not be a daunting task if you have the right software. Using the PaintShop Pro software, you can open and edit your ORF files quickly and conveniently. Visit our product page and peruse the software program's features to learn more.

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