PPM File: The Ultimate Guide to PPM Files

When you work with graphics and images, you will encounter an image file with a PPM extension. These files can't open with the standard Windows software. Similar to Bitmap files, they are very rare today because of compatibility issues with Windows. However, some are still in circulation. Here is a guide to help you understand more about PPM files.

What is a PPM file?

The first PPM (Portable Pixmap Format) file format was used in the 1980s. They were the main file types in the Netpbm toolkit developed by a computer programmer called Jef Poskanzer. The Netpbm project evolved over the years into a programming library.

The hallmark for developing these file formats was to simplify the transfer of images between platforms. The files utilize text formats to store details of a particular image. For every file, each pixel has a unique number ranging from 0 to 65536 with information on the height and width of the image and extra whitespace data.

Another primary use of PPM format files was to act as an intermediary. You can store information and exchange it before converting it into another accessible format. A PPM file stores uncompressed 24-bit RGB files. This small space is a problem when you are working with large images.

The main uses of PPM files to date are:

Storing basic color images

PPM files allow you to store basic information about the color of an image file. Each file has a similar format, starting with a magic number that helps identify the file type, dimensions, and color matrix.

Exchanging image information

PPM files are a popular means of transferring files to access multiple platforms. You can share image information quickly without hassle. The Netpbm tools help avoid going through the struggle of converting an obscure image to another format.

Equally important, you can write easily on PPM files when working with programs that can process the format. They are still effective intermediaries to help transfer image information that you can use.

Are PPM files dangerous?

A PPM file only contains details about an image that is not dangerous. However, someone can intentionally include malicious information in details that can be harmful. When you encounter a problematic PPM file, it is likely to have a virus. These files will not open when you try to access them.

When your file is not open, it would be best to scan the system for malware or virus as soon as possible. This will enable you to identify the virus in the file. The antivirus you use should neutralize it and allow you to open the file. If not, you will have to delete it and look for another valid PPM file.

How to open a PPM file

Opening a PPM file requires downloading a compatible graphics program on your Windows or Mac device. These are the steps to opening your file:

  1. Open the folder on the file and right-click on the name
  2. Select Open With and double-click PaintShop Pro


PPM files are not mainstream, and it is unlikely you might meet them. However, some designers and programmers still use it for their effectiveness in transferring basic color data between platforms. You can also convert them to other image file types such as JPEG or PNG to make your work easier.

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