Corel PaintShop Pro 2020 Release Notes

Recommendation: Updates might affect workspace customizations. If you customize your workspace, save (File > Workspace > Save) before you install the update so that you can reload the workspace later.

Update 1

New/Enhanced items

  • SmartClone: You can now adjust the size and rotation of the selected clone source directly (you do not need to save it to the SmartClone library first).
  • More than 30 bugs resolved.

Issues addressed and changes

  • Text: Resolved stability issue when working with text on paletted images (2, 16, 256 colors).
  • Black and White 2-color images now retain color depth when saved and reopened in PaintShop Pro.
  • Windows for images (available when Tabbed Documents is off) now resize to match image size during cropping and zooming.
  • Depth of Field: Corrected zoom results issue.
  • Guides: Onscreen Guide (lines) positioning or deletion is no longer disabled when the Crop tool is enabled.
  • Display improvements: Improved text refresh to avoid incomplete text display, corrected dual-monitor menu issues, and switching tools no longer affects what area of the image displays (current view remains consistent).
  • Crop tool: Clear crop command on Tool Options palette now works when floating toolbar is off.
  • Default workspace: Resolved issue related to saving default workspace.
  • Guided Tour: Updated to reflect 2020 functionality.
  • PSD: Stability issues addressed for .PSD file saving.
  • SmartClone: SmartClone library no longer displays deleted images.
  • SmartClone: Resolved positioning issue that occured when working with a freehand smartclone source along the edge of images.
  • Creative Content installation issues addressed.
  • *.pspimage format issues resolved when working with different color depths.
  • Lens Correction message mismatch corrected.
  • Script toolbar: Stop button issue resolved.
  • Sony ILCE-6300 camera profile: Enhanced EXIF information visibility.
  • Refine Brush: History palette improvements.