Corel PaintShop Pro 2022 Release Notes

Recommendation: Updates might affect workspace customizations. If you customize your workspace, save (File > Workspace > Save) before you install the update so that you can reload the workspace later.

Update 1


  • Windows 11 support
  • Frame Tool improvements: Improved performance when working with larger images and user interface enhancements for improved interaction when dragging images to frames.
  • Workspaces: Icons at the top of the application window now help you identify your current workspace.
  • Run Multiple Scripts: You can now multi-select scripts (using Ctrl or Shift keys) to add them to the Run Script list (File > Script > Run Multiple Scripts).
  • RAW support for more cameras. Please see the latest RAW Camera Support list.

Issues addressed and changes

  • AI Background Replacement: Fixed an issue whereby the results disappeared after merging layers.
  • Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow: Fixed the interactive control for the shadow.
  • Instant Effects: Revised how sliders apply changes to the image.
  • Instant Effects: Fixed crash that occurred when Instant Effects were applied without an open image.
  • Color Replacer tool: Fixed a performance lag.
  • PSD files: Corrected PSD file issues that occurred when saving to the PSD format after using AI Portrait Mode or AI Background Replacement.
  • Organizer palette: Fixed a display issue for the Organizer palette that occurred after using auto-hide for several palettes and relaunching.
  • Tabbed Documents: The file sequence is now retained if you switch workspaces.
  • Tutorials: Made a few string corrections for tutorials.
  • Frame Tool: Resolved auto-fit to circle/ellipse shape issue.
  • Lens Correction: .orf file error addressed.
  • Help: Intermittent access issues resolved.
  • Save: Resolved issue whereby the Save As window appeared when applying the Save command.
  • J2C/JPX: Format support removed.
  • Custom workspaces: Some settings that were not being saved are now captured in the custom workspace.
  • NIK Silver Efex Pro 3 and Vivera 3: Resolved support issues for these plug-ins.