Food Photography Equipment: How to Choose the Best Equipment

There's an art to visually-appealing food photography. It requires a good eye, the right equipment, and advanced image editing software like PaintShop Pro. A quality camera and versatile food photography camera equipment can help you create images that really get a viewer's attention.

What is the absolutely essential food photography equipment you need to capture mouth-watering food photos? How do you choose them? We have all the details below for a setup that will take your photography to the next level.

Necessary equipment for food photography

  1. The right camera:

    A great camera is essential for any type of photography. Three camera formats can function as the best camera for food photography. If you're on a budget, a compact camera might be where you start. Sometimes called a point-and-shoot camera, compact cameras are affordable and easy to use. There aren't a lot of settings, but they are light and easy to handle. DSLR cameras are the top pick for professional photographers, and they offer great versatility for any project type. They offer exceptional high-resolution images with interchangeable lenses and manual camera settings. Medium format cameras aren't as common. They offer a 120 film size or use a digital imaging sensor to achieve it.
  2. Prime lens:

    When it comes to the best lens for food photography, prime lenses offer sharp, lifelike photos that show food items to their best advantage. At a minimum, you should consider a 50mm focal length. It's not a bad idea to also have a wider angle lens for shoots in small spaces or to set scenes.
  3. Lighting kit:

    For top-quality food images, you need a source of lighting and a lighting modifier. Most professional food photographers will tell you a good strobe light is also essential.
  4. Color correction card:

    When you're taking photos of food, any misstep in lighting can make the subject look unappetizing. A good color correction card is essential for this photography type. They are great for avoiding those artificial yellow tones.
  5. Backdrops

    The good news is that there are many food photography props and items you can use for backdrops in food photography. Cutting or pastry boards, countertops, simple tablecloths, and more can be used. Many photographers favor using Plexiglas or tables made from it. They are useful for creating spotlighting, getting rid of shadows, and adding drop-shadow effects.
  6. Tripod and extenders:

    Tripods are essential, and they are available in an endless array of options. Tripod arm extensions are also handy if you're shooting a dining table from above, or you need a mid-stir shot. Especially if you don't have helpers.

How to choose the best equipment

Selecting the best equipment comes down to your budget, experience level, and the types of projects you'll be taking on.

When it comes to cameras, compact cameras are the most affordable and basic. With a medium format camera, you'll get the best detail with the biggest chip. If you go with a DSLR, you get more for your money thanks to all the great options. The prime lens must work with your camera and its functionality.

A good lighting kit needs to offer the closest thing to natural light as possible. It's even better if it offers color output stability, versatility across different scenes, and stunning images without extra add-ons. Having remote controls for time-sensitive shoots is a real bonus.

When selecting a tripod, look for stability and flexible angle options.

Use PaintShop Pro to edit your photos

Using innovative features and tools, PaintShop Pro is ideal for all your professional photo editing needs. It's available for a great price.

PaintShop Pro has all the tools you need to crop and resize your images as well as make corrections. Using Fade Correction and Scratch Remover tools, you can repair and restore older photos or make new images look aged.

With its robust adjustment features, PaintShop Pro allows you to refine your images. You can adjust brightness and contrast, remove noise, and make color corrections.

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), PaintShop Pro allows you to fix crooked horizons and correct distortions. Perspective Correction allows you to make the image look like it was taken from another angle. You can even isolate specific areas within your photos with the Refine Brush feature.

It also offers great support for your RAW files in RAW Lab. Make critical touch-ups to your images even if they were taken with a 360° degree camera. You can combine a series of pictures in the same scene using different exposures for incredible HDR photos.


With the best equipment for your unique situation, you can take eye-catching food photographs that are sure to please. Now that you have the information you need to put together your personal food photography kit, including the powerful editing tools of PaintShop Pro, you're ready to get started on your exciting visual projects.

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