Landscape Photography: The Ultimate Guide to Landscape Photography

Photography is an ancient art and science that has become an integral component of life. From those humble beginnings, the scope of photography has widened a lot. Technological advancements are partly responsible for this broad application. Below is a brief guide on the concept of landscape photography.

What is landscape photography?

Landscape photography depicts outdoor scenarios. These include natural scenes such as sunset and mountain scenes. If you are a newbie, be sure to study the technicalities needed for a great landscape photograph. Start by learning the basic settings in a camera, e.g., how adjusting one setting impacts another. Such knowledge enhances your chances of capturing the highest quality images.

Different types of landscape photography

There is no strict universal classification of landscape photography. Yet, a grouping based on peculiar characteristics is possible. Such a grouping will include:

  • Nature landscape photography,
  • Black and white landscape photography,
  • Abstract landscape photography,
  • Mountain landscape photography, and
  • Sunset photography.

Landscape photography settings

Without light, there'll be no photographs (landscape or otherwise). So light has to be the most crucial condition for the existence of all forms of photography. Lighting conditions can vary (e.g., at night). Hence, a grasp of the concept of exposure is important. It will help you maximize the effects of the light at your disposal for a landscape photograph. Below are the three major components of exposure:


In photography, the ISO is a measure of a camera's sensitivity to available light. Higher ISO values imply greater sensitivity and vice versa. Higher sensitivity means a shorter time to expose an image in a correct manner. It is ideal for situations that need a quick shutter speed. An example is when capturing an object in motion.


The aperture measures how large or small the "hole" that allows light to pass through the camera lens is. It is also known as f/stops. The smaller the aperture value (e.g., f/1), the greater the size of the hole and vice-versa. A smaller aperture value ensures that the most suitable amount of light gets to the sensor. It also ensures the time for this light travel is not very long.

Such a scenario means a reduction in both the shutter speed and ISO. The aperture value also has a relationship with the depth of field. The lower the value, the smaller the image size that will be in your camera's focus. But low aperture values yield much sharper landscape photographs. In contrast, a higher value will capture larger portions of the image. But they yield photos that are less sharp.

Shutter speed

The shutter speed is the time it takes for the shutter to open and close as the camera captures an image. This occurs during the exposure of the sensor to light from the lens aperture. Snapping at slow shutter speeds may need a stable apparatus such as a tripod. It can also lead to blurred images. Quick shutter speeds have the opposite effect. Tripods are not a necessity, and images are not blurred because of the speed used to capture them.

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