Underwater Model Photography: The Ultimate Guide to Underwater Model Shoots

Also known as underwater pool photography, underwater model photography is simply breathtaking and illuminating. The use of a controlled environment ensures the adequate application of advanced lighting techniques that make the photos pop. The photographer can easily manipulate every shoot by adding creative elements.

However, underwater model photography isn't as easy as it seems. It has a rather steep learning curve that takes time and dedication to master. Luckily, below is the ultimate guide to underwater model shoots to help you get started.

What is underwater model photography?

Right from the name, underwater model photography is any photos taken in a controlled environment (such as a pool) featuring designated models. Including a model in underwater images helps the viewer better feel the emotion, understand a sense of scale, and relate to the experience. Girl underwater photography, for example, helps incorporate the human element.

Underwater model photography is mostly wide-angle photography. Therefore, it is vital to have a basic understanding of this type of photography before embarking on a photo shoot. Doing this will help you get the best angles, especially when dealing with underwater fashion photography.

What to plan for with underwater photoshoots

Planning for an underwater photo shoot doesn't need to be complicated. All you need are a few key elements to get you started on the right foot. Below is everything you need to plan for with underwater model photography.

The models

You can't have underwater model photoshoots without the actual models. Therefore, it is only fair that you start there. However, it is vital to find underwater models that are comfortable in the water. You will not get high-quality images — regardless of how good the concept or lighting is —if the models aren't suited for the job. For instance, a model that can't keep their eyes open will appear squinting in all the shots.

The right clothing

A successful model underwater photoshoot will come down to clothing (or lack thereof). Your concept or aim will help dictate your clothing selection for the underwater models. However, try out slightly big or loose clothing that allows the models to move around freely. It also helps accentuate that the photoshoot happened underwater.


The difference between an excellent underwater photoshoot and an average one is usually lighting. Below are a few tips on underwater lighting to help you make the most out of your shoot.

  • Dictate strong directional lighting using a single strobe. Hold it out from your model and point it in to cause this effect.
  • Point a torch at the model to create excellent highlights.
  • Create ripples by pointing down a single strobe from above the water
  • Shoot at midday when working with pools because they are relatively shallow
  • Use ambient light at a night to better enhance your photoshoot

Use PaintShop Pro to edit your photos

Thanks to recent advancements in technology, there are several photo editing tools that can help you optimize your underwater model photoshoot. The PaintShop Pro, uses AI and other impactful features and tools to add a little brightness to your photos.

You get to have all the brightness and color that your unique images have been missing. Regardless of whether you need one-click fixes or advanced editing tools, PaintShop Pro has you covered. Pairing underwater model photography with PaintShop Pro opens up a whole new world of creativity.


Are you fascinated by underwater model photoshoots? Do you want to venture into the world of underwater model photography? Well, follow the above guide to help you create those stunning shots. Also, ensure you use advanced photo editing tools to turn those unique photoshoots into something spectacular.

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