Outdoor Wedding Photography: The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Photography

As a photographer, you've probably had a couple of clients who commissioned you for wedding photography. You've also probably stumbled upon a few that had an outdoor wedding that required you to be one with all the elements to capture the beautiful smiles without the bright sun ruining the shots. If you're photographing an outdoor wedding, this guide might come in handy.

Outdoor photography vs. indoor photography

When it comes to indoor or outdoor wedding photography, good lighting is crucial for achieving quality photos. This then necessitates the need to find a good spot with ample lighting. Most photographers like shooting outdoors as there's plenty of natural lighting, but a few like to work indoors, primarily out of personal preference.

Still, as a wedding photographer, familiarizing yourself with both environments is a must for your profession. Indoor photography comes in handy when unfavorable conditions arise, like poor weather. However, you don't get much freedom to capture everything. If you're working indoors, you need to carry plenty of equipment, including a stand and lighting equipment, as it is upon you to document every moment regardless of whether or not you have ample lighting.

Outdoor photography eases the situation by offering you natural lighting. This way, you are mobile enough to capture every moment without needing to drag your equipment across the room. You also get to express your creativity as you can use the environment as backdrops, unlike indoors, where you'll have to add a background or use whatever you have.

Outdoor wedding photography ideas

Take advantage of the sun

Outdoor photography eliminates the need for sourcing light or making artificial light as you have the sun. Using the sun will allow you to capture moments realistically, and you won't even need to use filters to bring out the moment.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a moodier setting, you can capture the highlight moments during the golden hour. Golden hour refers to the time of day before sunset when the light is soft and warm. Golden hours make for the best outdoor wedding photography as the sun is not too harsh. Just be sure to discuss this with your client to get them on board.

Prepare for any weather conditions

Since the photography is taking place outdoors, it's wise to prepare for any conditions that might occur at any time. Ensure you pack camera rain covers in case the weather changes. You can also turn a cloudy or rainy day into a cinematic photography moment. Overcast skies offer great lighting for the best photographs. A rainy day can tell a story with its rich high-contrast lighting.

Minimize the distractions

Distractions tend to pull focus from the subject, and the outdoors have a lot of those as they are wide open spaces. Such distractions can be cars, power lines, boats in beach wedding photography, or a tree that's too big that it's the only thing anyone can look at. Reducing the distractions while taking photos saves you a lot of time trying to edit out the unnecessary items later on.

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Preparation and an understanding between clients and photographers make for successful outdoor wedding photography. With the above outdoor wedding photography ideas, you can capture the best of every minute on your client's big day.

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