Wedding Photography Shot List: The Ultimate Guide to Shot Lists

Wedding events are always worth commemorating. This is because of the pleasant memories they create for everyone who gets to attend; memories that are bound to last forever. Wedding photography helps to ensure that such memories live on forever. It enables you to capture every single moment of the wedding. To be successful in the endeavor, a wedding photography shot list and a reliable photo editing software like the PaintShop Pro software are very important.

What is a shot list?

A shot list is a detailed photography checklist containing precise specifications on the shots you need to achieve. It contains an organized list of shots required in sequence. A wedding photography shots list ensures the photography is on track by following the photography timeline.

A shot list also speeds up the process of taking the shots, thus saving time and money. A good shots list should be inclusive of all the shots and poses required for each individual shot. It should have the following:

Equipment to be used

Such equipment varies from one shot to the other. Shots taken close to the camera require a different lens from those to be taken far away from the camera. Shots to be taken in low-lighting areas require the use of a flash. Also, some shots may require the use of a tripod to keep the camera steady.

Description of the poses

A detailed description of the poses required should be provided for each individual shot.

Shot number

Shots are differentiated using numbers. Each shot should have its designated number. This enables the crew to distinguish the equipment to be used and the right pose for the shot.

Shot setup

The setup for each individual shot differs from the other. You should make the appropriate lighting setup change for shots in low-lighting areas. To save time, shots with the same setup should be grouped together.

Angle of the shots

You should specify the angle at which each individual shot should be taken. The angle can either be high, eye-level, or low. Describing the angle informs the crew on where to place the camera and whether they need to use the tripod.

Lens type angle

Object distance should influence your choice of lens. Photography shots taken far from the camera require higher magnification compared to those taken close to the camera. For detailed shots, macro lenses should be utilized.

Shot size

You should specify the size of the subject and the background that ought to appear in individual shots. Use extremely wide shots to focus on the background and capture the subject from a distance. Alternatively, use wide shots to keep both the subject and the background balanced. For complete focus on the subject, use the full shot.

Shots location

Note down specific locations where the shots will be taken. This will enable the crew to set up their equipment on time.

Use PaintShop Pro to edit your photos

After taking the photos, you'll need a powerful photo editing software, which is a category where the PaintShop Pro software is unrivaled. We offer a range of powerful photography tools and features for professional photo editing. The PaintShop Pro software enables you to:

  • Adjust the brightness and contrast of the photos taken.
  • Crop unwanted features from the background.
  • Eliminate red eyes from your photos.
  • Add the appropriate frames to your photos.


Apart from having a well-detailed photography shot list, complementing your shots with great editing using the PaintShop Pro software is the first step in venturing into successful wedding photography. The end product is high-quality photos to take your professional photography to a high notch. Check our property page to download the PaintShop Pro software.

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