Real Estate Photography Equipment: How to Choose the Best Equipment

Real estate photography has always been a competitive niche. To have a cutting edge over your competitors, your marketing strategy needs to include special equipment. This blog will explore the necessary equipment for real estate photography, how to choose the best ones and why you should use PaintShop Pro to edit your photos. Let's explore.

Necessary equipment for real estate photography

A DSLR camera

A DSLR camera is your best bet for real estate photography. It gives you the ability to manually control the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, which are the three elements that bring your photos to life.

Wide-angle lens

A wide-angle lens will give you the ability to capture a large area in your photo. It will also give your photos a more professional look.

A tripod

A tripod is necessary to keep your camera steady while taking photos, especially when using a wide-angle lens. This will help to ensure that your photos are in focus and free of blurriness.

A shutter release

A shutter release is a cable used to activate your camera's shutter. It ensures you're not touching the camera while taking photos, causing the camera to shake, resulting in blurriness.

A laptop/PC and good photo editing software

Once you have taken your photos, you will need to edit them. Installing great editing software like PaintShop Pro on your PC gives you the tools to edit your photos, correct any color defects and get them ready for printing.

How to choose the best equipment

Check the following things to ensure you get the best equipment for your real estate photography gigs.


Real estate photography equipment is costly, and the prices vary between different brands and suppliers. Set a budget and choose equipment that falls within it. However, avoid compromising on quality to save a few bucks. This may affect the outcome of your photos.


You will need most of your equipment to withstand wear and tear. When buying real estate photography equipment, always check the equipment's manufacturing date and the predetermined expiry date. Alternatively, ask for the certificate of manufacture to ascertain the equipment's durability.

Additional features

When purchasing the best camera for real estate photography, additional features such as Wi-Fi compatibility or GPS can come in handy. Such features will help to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews give you more insights into what to expect from a product before purchasing it. They also provide valuable feedback on the weaknesses and strengths of a product.


The ideal camera for real estate photography should provide you with the flexibility to shoot both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, you will need to capture several angles and a full view of a property.


The warranty of a real estate photography lens should cover manufacturing defects and malfunctions, as well as accidental damages, such as drops and spills. The warranty should also cover the equipment for a reasonable amount of time.


When choosing the best lens for real estate photography, look for one compatible with your camera. This will ensure it fits the camera's mount system and allows you to shoot correctly.

Why use PaintShop Pro?

PaintShop Pro is an excellent photo editing software that enables you to edit and enhance your pictures' quality. Some of its key features include:

  • An intuitive interface that is easy to understand and navigate
  • Filters that enhance your photos
  • Provision of Support for a wide range of file formats, including RAW files
  • Tools that allow you to clone areas, remove red-eye, and correct perspective distortions


When choosing the suitable ones, consider the factors mentioned in this article. With the right equipment, you can produce excellent real estate photos to help you have more conversions. However, you first need to edit your pictures before you can print or present them to your clients. This is why you need PaintShop Pro, one of the best photo editing software programs available today. Visit our product page to download it.

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