Blur Images

Blurring images can assist you in retouching an image, smoothing transitions, and decreasing contrast in your photo. PaintShop Pro’s Blur commands allow you to easily mimic photo blur and create blur effects that even the best photographer needs to add to their work.

Blurring Images

How to Blur a Picture

  • Step 1 Open the blur tool of your choice under Adjust > Blur
  • Step 2 If you’ve chosen a blur option with further inputs, like Gaussian Blur or Average, adjust your settings
    to achieve the desired blur effect
  • Step 3 Click OK to apply your blur
  • Step 4 You’re done! Save your image before closing

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PaintShop Pro’s powerful blur options make all types of blur effects possible. Blur backgrounds,
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PaintShop Pro does more than just blur images

Check out some of the other photo editing features in PaintShop Pro, like Camera RAW and more! Create fun and cool photo effects while maintaining a professional workflow to make your photos stand out more than ever.

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