How To Use Rule Of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a design principle that guides the placement of components of a composition. Applying the rule of thirds requires that you place desired focal points on either the horizontal or vertical thirds of an image, preferably, on the intersection of those vectors. Aligning your subjects on the thirds can increase the energy and interest in your composition. To learn how to use the rule of thirds in your compositions, read on.

1. Install PaintShop Pro

To install PaintShop Pro photo editing software on your PC, download and run the installation file above. Continue following on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

2. Select Crop tool

On the Tools toolbar, choose the Crop tool . By default, the crop rectangle appears on the image, and the area outside the crop rectangle is shaded.

3. Choose rule of thirds from Composition Guide drop list

Adjust the crop area size by dragging any of the handles or edges. To reposition the crop rectangle, place the cursor inside and drag. You can use a preset crop size by choosing an option from the Presets drop-list on the floating toolbar for the Crop tool, or from the drop-list on the Tool Options palette. If you want to use a composition guide, on the floating toolbar click the Composition Guide button (this button toggles the guide on and off), and choose rule of thirds from the drop-list.

4. Apply

When you’re ready to crop the image, click the Apply button on the Tool Options palette or on the floating toolbar for the Crop tool.

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