Camera Raw Editing

RAW photography gives you a level of post production control that could be considered almost magical. PaintShop Pro’s Camera RAW Lab allows you to adjust, convert, and edit a growing number of
camera RAW files formats.

Editing RAW Photos

How to Edit RAW Photos

  • Step 1 Open Your RAW image(s)
  • Step 2 Right-click on the thumbnail of your RAW image and choose Edit RAW to open the Camera RAW Lab dialog box
  • Step 3 Using the RAW Lab dialog box adjust settings and make any other desired adjustments before clicking OK
  • Step 4 Convert your RAW photo by right-clicking and selecting Convert RAW

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PaintShop Pro does more than just work with RAW files

Check out some of the other photo editing features in PaintShop Pro, like resize images, text, blur images, photo crop and more! Create fun and cool photo effects while maintaining a professional workflow to make your photos stand out more than ever.

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