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Released in 1990, JASC Paint Shop Pro was a powerful and flexible graphics editing software. This easy to use application was created by Robert Voit under his software company JASC (Jets and Software Company). The first version was just a basic picture converter between BMP, GIF and PCX formats. In the later versions a lot of tools were included in the application. JASC Paint Shop Pro 7 was a significant upgrade. This version allowed easy retouch, repair and edit options, automatic photo enhancement and much more! The trend was continued in its later versions JASC Paint Shop Pro 8 and JASC Paint Shop Pro 9. Corel acquired JASC in 2004 and renamed JASC Paint Shop Pro to simply PaintShop Pro. PantShop Pro or popularly known as PSP is one of Corel’s most premium products available. This awesome application has all of the features you loved about JASC Paint Shop Pro and so many more.

Top reasons to upgrade from Jasc Paint Shop Pro

  1. NEW Creative content
  2. ENHANCED Legacy features
  3. ENHANCED Depth of Field
  4. NEW Layers setting
  5. NEW SmartClone
Top Reasons

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