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PaintShop Pro 2018 is now the newest version available

PaintShop Pro has always been a powerful picture editing software, and since you purchased PaintShop Pro X6 it has only gotten better. We have updated tools and hardware support and improved our interface to make the latest version of PaintShop Pro the best yet. Whether you are a hobbyist taking photos for fun, or a professional capturing people's memories, PaintShop Pro’s advanced tools and features won't let you down.

Top reasons to upgrade from PaintShop Pro X6

  1. Start projects faster with project templates
  2. Capture, edit and annotate screenshots
  3. Easier, faster Gradient Fill
  4. Text Presets and enhanced text tools
  5. Improved Stylus and Graphics Tablet support
  6. Camera Raw Support
Top Reasons

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Written Tutorials

Written Tutorials

What do you want to learn today? Video tutorials walk you through how to create different projects in PaintShop Pro.
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Points of View Blog

Points of View Blog

Get tips on how to better use PaintShop Pro, interact with other users, and get updates about what is changing in PaintShop Pro.
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